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Title is the key to user search, and it is also one of the primary information that touches the user’s view. Doing a good job in the title of the product wins at the starting line. So how do you set up an effective title?

According to operational experience, the title can be defined as a complete title according to: brand word + product word + attribute/selling point word + modifier + model. The part of product word + attribute/selling point word + modifier word can be Combining shopeefans hot search words + drainage words + blue ocean words to determine the combination, mainly hot search words and drainage words, supplemented by blue ocean words, so as to ensure that the current title has search popularity, and meet the needs of unpopular vocabulary searches;

Recommended hot search words, steps to use the function:

1. Help to understand the data of product hot words and optimize the product title

shopeefans recommends hot search words, locates the category currently being done, and obtains recommended hot search words through category filtering. We can perform positive sorting according to dimensions such as sales in the past 30 days or sales growth rate in the past 30 days. Of course, the dimensions can be defined by yourself. , here is mainly oriented by sales. According to the sorting, we found the sites in Taiwan. There are differences in the search of simplified and traditional fonts. For “girls clothes” and “girls clothes”, the former has 17,308 searches in the past 30 days, and the latter in the past 30 days. The search volume is 97 times, then we have to learn to avoid it here, and the former is more dominant.

2. Optimize keyword advertising promotion, and long-tail keywords make acquiring users more accurate

You can use the selected hot search words to advertise, but due to the high competition of hot search words, the relative advertising cost will be higher, then we can consider using the long tail words of the hot search words for advertising, such as the big word “dress” , shopeefans provides as many as a dozen long-tail word variants, you can choose the search volume and recommended bid that meet your requirements, choose cost-effective long-tail words for advertising, avoid competition, and get more cost-effective display traffic.

3. Divide the traffic words of competing products, and optimize the traffic words of the title to obtain the natural traffic of the platform.
We have selected the hot search words, and then select the drainage words. Here we need to use the “Product Analysis” function to locate the category currently being done, and choose to sort by sales volume. Of course, you can also choose other dimensions, and choose the one that meets your expected sales volume. For the same product or competing product, copy the ID of the competing product, turn on the reverse search traffic word function under “Drainage Words”, search for the product ID of the competing product, split the drainage words used by TA, and select the appropriate drainage words to use in your own products In the title, it is better to receive organic traffic from the platform.
4. High search, low competition blue ocean vocabulary, avoid competition to get more traffic
Then there is our blue ocean word as an auxiliary, which can be supplemented by the “blue ocean word” function. Pick words with high competition index and high sales volume.

So far, the formula of hot search words + drainage words + blue ocean words has been completely assembled, and the rest of the brand words + models can be supplemented according to the actual product attributes. For example, the store in the picture below selects the combination of hot search words + drainage words + blue ocean words when combining titles.

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