How to increase the traffic words of your own products? Where to pick words from?

1. Find a suitable similar competitor from the product analysis module and copy the product ID. Or go directly to the front desk of Shopee to search for the same model, and find a competing product to copy the product ID.

2. Look at a few more popular keywords of competing products. You can combine their keywords to promote and increase your traffic exposure. If you feel that the price is too high, you can choose long-tail keywords of competing keywords to promote. The price is low, and Flow is more accurate

Click on the traffic word, click “Reverse Search Traffic Word”, and find the big word copy under the competing product.

3. How to check the long tail of this big word?

Click the advertisement word, click “Selected Blue Ocean Words”, put the big word you just copied into the input box, click search, and find the word with high search volume but small product base. At the same time, this word can also be used to optimize your title.

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