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Shopee Fans – Chat terminal helps sellers manage multi-shop chat customer service work, cooperates with the refined management team of authorized sub-accounts, Shopee Chat terminal can open more shops to chat, with functions such as message reminders, automatic translation, etc., to improve store response rate and order conversion rate.

Haven’t downloaded Shopee Chat?

The latest version V4.1.5 was updated on 2023.11.27: Windows Shopee Chat, MAC Shopee Chat

Features #

  1. [Unified management of stores] Support the management of all Shopee sites and multiple Shopee stores;
  2. [Quick access to the seller center]Right-click to open the Shopee seller center, and quickly access the shopee background of the store;
  3. [Buyer Message Reminder] Shopee chat voice reminder of new news, shops and users who have not read the message will be marked with red dots, helping Shopee sellers to respond to buyer messages in a timely manner, and not miss any opportunity to complete an order;
  4. 【Automatic translation of messages】Buyer messages are automatically translated into the seller’s language such as Chinese, and messages sent by the seller are automatically translated into the buyer’s language such as Vietnamese to solve language communication problems between sellers and buyers;
  5. [Send emoticons/pictures] Supports sending emoticons, screenshots and other materials, and also supports viewing product orders, buyer product negotiation and other information;
  6. [Order Marking]The order can be marked, and the order allocation personnel can be reasonably grouped to follow up, and improve after-sales service.

How to order, contact customer service to order


  1. Jump to the login page, 404 after login, solution: please click the ShopeeChat button in the upper right corner
  2. The 500 page appears, please click sellercentre in the upper right corner to log in again
  3. If you use it in non-mainland China, please set it to use overseas, so that the access speed is faster
  4. Mac Prompt no permission to open the general solution:
  5. In the upper right corner, you can turn off and on the chat sound

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