How to combine data analysis with other menus of “Product Analysis”

Hot Products

After selecting a suitable industry through “Hot Selling Industries”, select a hot selling product that matches your business in combination with the “Hot Selling Product” menu.

For hot-selling products, you can search in specific categories; you can select the type of list according to your needs. When there are official events in the short term, important festivals in Southeast Asia, and short-term important influence nodes, you can choose the time dimension of the day list and the weekly list to view . For daily operations, you can select the monthly list to view. Sellers can filter data according to the dimensions of their own needs, and recommend forward sorting by dimensions such as sales in the past 30 days; real-time hot-selling products or explosive products can be tapped; refined, you can also click on a product to enter the detailed analysis page, specific to You can know the product id, shelf time, product rating, sales in the past 30 days, and average product price. Here, we mainly observe the details of the sales data. The recent sales of competing products or co-selling objects should be followed closely, and if the trend is obvious, the operation strategy should be adjusted. For details, you can check the product sku to make it clear which sku is best for the target product.


These products are on the shelves recently and the sales trend is increasing. These two dimensions indicate that the high sales of the product is not caused by the long time on the shelves, but the product really has market potential; The number of new likes must have a certain number. This indicator shows the popularity of the product in the market. Users will only collect it if they like it, and the possibility of repurchase after collection will be higher.

If you don’t want to seize the Red Sea market with others, you can find products in “hot new products”. Among the hot-selling new products are the top 500 best-selling products that have been on the shelves in the past 3 months. These products have not been on the shelves for a long time and their high sales show that they have potential. At the same time, it is also necessary to observe whether the “sales growth trend” is gradually increasing, and whether the collection volume is also increasing? After you have selected it, you can search for the same item in the image (download the shopeefans plugin) to find the source for sale;

soaring product

After comparing and analyzing the suitable soaring industries through the “Soaring Industry” list, weekly list, and monthly list, combined with the “Soaring Products” menu, pick out which products in this industry are soaring fast. The rapid increase in sales in a short period of time may be related to seasonality, or it may be due to the rise of a certain trend. Compared with those products that have been selling well, these products will have more room to seize the market, because the market has only developed recently. stand up. In fact, a batch of products have been screened out through the indicators just now. At this time, use the image search for the same item (download the shopeefans plug-in) to search for the products just now on Pinduoduo, Alibaba and other websites to see if the price of the goods is cheap enough. Is it sufficiently competitive.

How to use the shopeefans plugin to search for the same model?

1. Move the mouse to the picture

2. Click the search button

3. Click the product to jump to the details page of the corresponding platform

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