How to perform data analysis in combination with other menus of “Category Analysis”

Hot category

Through the comparison and analysis of the daily, weekly and monthly rankings of “hot-selling categories”, the hot-selling industries in different time dimensions are analyzed.

Among these industries, select industries with high sales volume, small product base, and high sales rate.

“High sales volume and low product base” indicate that the industry has relatively low competition and has potential for development;

The “high sales rate” indicates that the industry’s slow sales rate is low and will not slow down.

After they are selected at the same time, according to the “average product price” of the industry, they will evaluate the profit value of themselves if they enter the industry, and select a suitable industry.

soaring category

Through the comparison and analysis of the sky list, weekly list, and monthly list of “surging categories”, which industries have recently surged in sales in different time dimensions.

The greater the surge rate, the greater the potential of the industry. This industry may be related to seasonality, or it may be due to the rise of a certain trend. Compared with those industries that have been selling well, there is still room to seize the market. Because the market has only recently developed.

After selecting the soaring industry, select the industry that suits you according to the above steps “high sales volume, low product base, and high sales rate” and “product average price”.

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